Time to Move On
     Ruth 1:16, John 21:20-23                                  

Mercy Endureth Forever
Matthew 25:14-30

I’m so Glad that I have a Passover
Exodus 12:21-28, Hebrew 9:11-12                     

In the Name of Jesus
Luke 17:11-19, Psalm 10

My Redeemer Lives
Job 19:25-26, Acts 1:9-11                   

Who you going to Call?
Matthew 14:23-34, Romans 10:15

True Riches are in God
Matthew 6:19, Luke 12:13-20                   

 Pray to the Power Come
Matthew 18:19-20, Acts 2:1-3

Hasten to the Mercy Seat
Hebrews 4:16, Leviticus 16:1-16                  

Spiritual Sacrifices
1 Peter 2:5-10

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