We find it a blessing to serve people and to teach about Salvation. Click on a ministry and learn all about it. If you would like to join or volunteer for one of our ministries, please contact us.

Sabbath School Lesson

Every Sabbath we dive into the Word. We read, study, and complete lessons on chapters, people, and topics in the King James Bible. Read some of our lessons.

Prayer Request

Do you need prayer? Are you facing a tough time in your life? Do you know someone who is in need of prayer? Add your name to our prayer list and let’s commune with God.

Digital Ministry

We believe that God’s Word should be free for everyone in hopes that one day it would bring them to accept Jesus and salvation. Connect with us by audio/video.

Prison Ministry

We have volunteered to preach in prisons for over twenty years. It is good when you do not fear men, but fear God. God is able to save a person at whatever point in their life. For there is no respect of person in the family of God.

Blessed To Give

We serve and bless people in our community spiritually and naturally with the love of Jesus and food and clothing.

Young People Know the Truth

Jesus said, “To suffer the little children.” We are to continuously pray for our youth and keep them before Jesus.

Let’s build something together.

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