Blessed Service: Young People Know the Truth

We the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ want to thank all the parents, families, children, and young people who attended our Young People Know the Truth: Jesus Loves You service. It was held yesterday on Sat. 6/15/13 at 12 noon. It was a blessed service with fun spiritual and artistic activities. Everything relating to the love of our Jesus Christ. We had five stations moderated by one of our members. Each station had a specific theme and activity surrounding on Jesus. When time was up everyone had to say what they learned and explain what they made. All the … Continue reading Blessed Service: Young People Know the Truth

Event: Young People Know The Truth

YOUNG PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH Theme: Jesus Loves You Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013 Place: American Best Inn Hotel 6510 Frankford Avenue Baltimore, MD 21206 Time: 12:00 p.m. Praise God for his amazing mercy and grace that has brought our children through the school year. As they begin their summer vacation, we must continue pray for their safety and enjoyment. We must keep that wonderful name of Jesus before them. He is the one hope in these very rough times for the children. The theme of the activities is “Jesus Loves You”. Come and join us for an afternoon of … Continue reading Event: Young People Know The Truth