Sermon Take Away: Stay on Board

Scripture: Acts 27; Psalm 46 We have seasons of severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. These natural weather events can create widespread destruction in lives. People lose their lives, properties are destroyed and daily activities are disrupted. Even though these weather events may be predicted, no one knows the degree in which they will destroy. In the book of Acts, Luke recorded the journey of Paul through the tempestuous wind storm, Euroclydon.  Paul had warned the ship leader and Julius the centurion, who was assigned to his care, of the storm. Folks would rather listen to some one who may … Continue reading Sermon Take Away: Stay on Board

Sermon Take Away: Love Lifted Me

Scripture: I John 4; Luke 8:20; Galatians 2:20 What is love? What is the result of love? God’s love. He cares how you feel. He has a profound interest in you. The love of God is unconditional. His mercies endureth forever. His love is pure, righteous, and deep. Our sinful nature and ways do not diminish his love for us. It is his will that we would turn from sin and love him with all of our being. The Apostle John wrote an epistle of love. In it God is the focal message of what love is. “God is love.” … Continue reading Sermon Take Away: Love Lifted Me

Sermon Take Away: No Scoreboard

Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35 The disciples were taught by the greatest teacher, Jesus Christ. He taught them how to love the Father. In their love for the Father, he explained to them how we must love one another. We can’t set parameters when it comes to love. Christ did not. He showed us love when he died on the cross. Peter asked Jesus one of the most profound questions of the human race. Jesus responded with one of the most difficult answers to do without the help of his Spirit. The question was asked how oft shall my brother sin against … Continue reading Sermon Take Away: No Scoreboard

Sermon Take Away: What Do You Want The Lord To Say

Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus Christ gave his life so that we may have eternal life. Our finished end is to hear him welcome us and say “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.” The inspired writers of the gospel of Jesus Christ recorded his many parables. He used parables to give a moral or spiritual teaching using events or things that were natural. In this parable the man gave his servants five, two and one talents. The talents were given to them to use for his benefit. He expected that they would make some usury on the talents. The day … Continue reading Sermon Take Away: What Do You Want The Lord To Say