Sermon Take Away: God is On The Throne

Scripture: Revelation 4:1-11 Our message today comes from the book of prophecies given by God to Apostle John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos. The enemy had tried to shut up John in prison, but God still used this situation to give him what we know as today as Revelation. God had revealed himself to John in a great vision to show us today that even right now in the midst of a viral pandemic, God is still on the Throne. He has not gone anywhere nor has he forsaken us. While we go through trials, uncertainties, discouragement, worry, … Continue reading Sermon Take Away: God is On The Throne

Honor to Where Honor is Due

Gracefully she walks to the podium With her bible in her hand Her mind focused and ready Her heart strong and steady The Word implanted in her soul Like an eagle waiting to sore Standing at the altar Wearing the whole armor of God She feeds everyone the bread of life With Jesus as her guide (Continued…) Written by Sister LeQuita C. Harrison Please visit the rest of our website. God Bless You! Continue reading Honor to Where Honor is Due