Sermon Take Away: Stay on Board

Scripture: Acts 27; Psalm 46 We have seasons of severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. These natural weather events can create widespread destruction in lives. People lose their lives, properties are destroyed and daily activities are disrupted. Even though these weather events may be predicted, no one knows the degree in which they will destroy. In the book of Acts, Luke recorded the journey of Paul through the tempestuous wind storm, Euroclydon.  Paul had warned the ship leader and Julius the centurion, who was assigned to his care, of the storm. Folks would rather listen to some one who may … Continue reading Sermon Take Away: Stay on Board

Sermon Take Away: From the Cross to Calvary

Scripture: Matthew 16:24-26; Mark 15:21; Luke 23:42; Matthew 27:54 The cross is an immediate reminder of death. For Christians, it is an emblem of the suffering of Christ. It is an emblem of how we desperately we needed Christ to reconcile us to our heavenly Father. The cross is used in reference to bearing burdens. The weight of the cross that Christ carried was heavy. Yet, the symbolic gesture of the cross indicates the burden of the world that Christ did carry. But his suffering was not done in vain. When he reached Calvary, which is also called Golgotha, it … Continue reading Sermon Take Away: From the Cross to Calvary