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The Power Struggle between Good and Evil

The world is in the midst of so much tumult.  There are global relationship problems, economic and financial disturbances, natural disasters, political power conflicts, record-breaking murders and suicides, family separations, gender identity crisis, glitches in technology, and many more troubles that directly or indirectly affect us all. The highest court in our country passed the law on same-sex marriages.  What does this say about the sacredness of a family? What does this say to our Almighty God who created the family unit?  God makes no mistakes.  Folks are busy working, taking care of family needs, working through health challenges and consumed with other life matters, that they are missing the greater picture.  All the answers to life’s ongoing, unexplainable, difficult daily issues are given to us from God.  But we must be attentive to his message.

In Revelation 14, there are three very compelling and present truth messages given by three angels. Join me in this first candid two-hour forum about the first message, “Fear God and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come.”  Now more than ever before, we must take time to hear what God is saying to the world, especially to the church.  You may be surprised to know which power is the winner.  There is an urgent message for you in this forum.  The greatest of all tragedies is to deny the wonder working power of God the Almighty.  It’s time. It’s our time.  It’s your time.  Think about it. All things have a beginning and an end. Eventually, our time will end. What will your end be?  I explicitly invite you to come and hear this urgent message that the Spirit of Christ wants you and me to know right now.  You don’t want to miss this very important message.  Don’t get caught on the wrong side of this power struggle between good and evil.

Please join us for a two hour discussion on the Word of God, the spirit of prophecies, the struggle between good and evil, and other topics of spiritual importance and how they all relate to you and the world today.

Time: 3pm-5pm
Location: American Best Value Inn
6510 Frankford Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21206
*Frankford Room*
Contact us for more information


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