Questions & Answers

Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you,”-Matt. 7:7 KJV

During Jesus’ three and a half ministry on this earth, he showed his humbleness, his love, and his wisdom to all who came in contact with him. Regardless of ethnicity, belief, or social class status, no one was turned away. Jesus wants us to follow in his steps. Our ministry, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, study and find all the answers to life questions in God’s written word. It is our sword in the time of battle. For Satan is at our doorsteps. We invite you to send your questions and we will respond with an answer from the word. Please pray and seek for the wisdom that only Jesus will provide.

Here are some popular questions: (Click on the question for the answer)

1. What is the true definition of shield?

2. What is the Sabbath Day?

3. Who is Jesus Christ?

4. What is the Power of Prayer?

5. What is the Controversy between Good and Evil?

6. Why does God give Man the ability to Choose? Can a man choose his own destiny between eternal life or damnation?

7. What are the many names of Satan?

8. Explain what love is and what love has done for man. 

9. Why do we suffer? Does God help us in time of suffering?

10. Satan thought he had us when Christ was crucified.  Explain the ultimate price for our victory in Christ. 

11. Many think this planet will be destroyed by nuclear weapons.  Does Satan have power to destroy this plant? 

12. Will Lucifer ever be at peace with God again?

⇓Please send us your question in the comments . We will respond as according to the word of God. ⇓

God Bless!

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