Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah

Our anointed Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah was ordained in May 2007 as the founder and leader of the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ located in Baltimore, MD.  Her ministry of 12 years continues to appreciate the blessings of trusting in our sovereign God for the work of the ministry.  She has reaped much by faith, prayer, and praise in her dedication to the love and service of our Savior. Being a devoted commandment-keeper for over 25 years is a testament to her deepened faith and trust in the power of the word of God. 

In addition to her love for the will of God, she has a passion to help people in need.  In 2007, she launched her first outdoor outreach ministry, Bless to Give, on the streets of Baltimore City.  Clothes, meals, care packages and teaching of salvation have been given to over 1,000 people, since the birth of this outreach ministry. Through her leadership, she created and sponsored an annual fun workshop for children, called Young People Know the Truth to give children the opportunity to learn and express their thoughts about salvation.  The workshop is filled with fun and inspiring group bible based activities.  She is a devoted supporter and speaker for the prison ministries in Jessup and Eastern Shore, MD and continues to assist in working on programs to help individuals upon release from incarceration. Her most recent outreach is Jesus Said, “Follow Me,” radio program.  It is through this venue she prays and believes that many people will be inspired to pray, open up their bibles, and trust in the power of the God to enlighten them. 

This journey of faith has its challenges, but yet it remains to be a rewarding experience that she knows by the grace of God will have eternal reward for herself and many people that she has had the pleasure to serve. Recently, after reading and studying various chapters in the bible, the Holy Spirit spoke to her about love.  Truly, love is a way of life.  So what is important to God?  God is concerned about his love for us, our love for him, and our love for each other.  This inspired revelation remains with her as she ministers in the faith and calling of Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, she cherishes this thought “I have faith the substance of the things hope for the evidence of things not seen; I have hope the expectation that with a willing spirit people can change; and I have charity the love of God.  I will preach a word that will save a soul, I will give as much as I can, and I will pray the effectual prayer of healing for the soul, all because I exercise my faith, hope and charity.  However, it is the gift of charity, which is love, that is the greatest of all that will make a difference in my ministry.”  (I Corinthians 13:13; I Peter 4:11)  

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