Sermon Take Away: “More Than A Conqueror”

Romans 8:35-39

The Apostle Paul was a determined, faithful and strong warrior for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just as skilled as his was to persecute the people of God, he was more skilled when it came to spreading the gospel about life in Christ. His turning point came on the road to Damascus, where Christ met him. One of his most pivotal messages is how we are more than a conqueror.

As he concluded Romans chapter 8, teaching on the dynamics that Christ is the fulfillment of the law, he mentioned many adverse circumstances that causes great upset in human lives. But the love of God is so powerful, pure and deep, that there is nothing that will take us from him. God the Father made a way to give peace to a world that is consumed with much wickedness. He sent love, Jesus Christ, our Savior to free us from all manner of evil and personal destructions. He is the fulfillment of every prophecy to bring an eternal peace in the lives of humanity.

No one wants to experience the adverse circumstances of tribulation-a severe trouble; distress-extreme necessity; persecution – infliction of those who differ; famine-wanting down to skeleton; nakedness-deprive of privacy; peril-threat of an imminent danger; and sword-violent attack. When we choose to follow Christ, we are are identified as sheep for the slaughter. The devil will attack those who trust in salvation. Anything that God gives, the devil strongly opposes. But we must know that in all of these circumstances that we are more than a conqueror. Thank you Jesus.

More than a conqueror because our Shepherd has the power of all evil. More than a conqueror because we triumph in trials by giving glory to God, faith is strengthened and someone is blessed. At some point, we meet a Damascus in our life, when we repent and surrender our will to Christ. In doing so, we become persuaded with a determined mind in faith that nothing, not even death, life, angels, principalities, power, things present, things to come, nor height or depth will separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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God bless you and your families.