Let’s Celebrate With Praise!

“We are committed to following the way of Christ.”

♫♫Great is his mercy towards me,

His loving kindness towards me.

Great is his grace! ♫♫

Join us as we give praise to God for our 19th Church Anniversary and our Pastor’s 17th Anniversary.  This continues to be an amazing spiritual journey. God promised that he will show us the way if we trust him. One of the greatest revelations that we keep in mind is his love for his people, our love for him, and our love for each other.  The love that Christ gave makes this all possible.

Our Sabbath services are held at: Chrysolite Fellowship Center, 4701 Hamilton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206

Date: Sabbath, May 13, 2023

Time: 12:00 PM

We pray that God will bless you, your ministry, and your families with his enduring love, peace, and joy.

Blessings always,

Mother Ernestine Koromah

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Tylvia E. Koromah, Pastor