Sermon Take Away “MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE”

Psalm 100; Philippians 2:6-8

It is good to think on the goodness of God. Everyday we want to make a joyful noise because God is so good. He is the only one that give us real joy. Joy is contentment and satisfaction regardless of circumstances. Let God know that you give him praise. “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord”, is expressed in a song, shout, hand clap, or an inward quiet praise.

“Serve the Lord with gladness…” Jesus is an example of serving the Lord with gladness. He came to the service for his Father. He came not to conquer the Romans, but to save man from his sins. He was the likeness of man, who was example of a servant. Willingly, he gave his life for his Father, our Heavenly Father. It is because of him that we serve the Lord with gladness.

“Know ye that the Lord he is God.” There is a no doubt of who is. He the creator of life and all things are because of him. We belong to him. Isn’t that a reason to make a joyful noise! In his presence, give thanksgiving. Thank him for the good and the bad. He brings you through both. In a joyful noise, his name is blessed. Let God be familiar with your voice of joy for him.

“For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” He is a God of mercy. He does not give us what we deserve. Instead he forgives us and saves us. The wonderful works of God are written in the bible. It is our basic instruction before leaving earth. Everyone is equal in the morning with new mercies. You want to make the right choice to love and serve God. Acknowledgment his many blessings in your life.

The day will come when Christ returns to take us into his glorious heavenly kingdom. But we must trust and be glad in his mercies. When we get to heaven, there will be a continuous joyful noise to God and Christ for their unfailing love, salvation and for their glory. Joyful noise is a response that God has touched your life personally. Make the declaration that you know that the Lord is God. Give him your joyful noise.

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May God bless us all.