Sermon Take Away “Faith in His Absence”

Matthew 25:14-30; Hebrews 11:6

Jesus taught in parables to convey a moral and spiritual message to his followers. He used objects that people were familiar with to teach an important message concerning their souls. Faith in him is imperative. “But without faith it is impossible to please him.”

In this parable, the lord (Jesus) took a travel to far country(heaven). Before his departure, he called his servants and delivered his goods to them. They received five, two, and one respectively. After he had given to them, he took his journey. Talent was currency used in the New Testament. In this parable, it represents something of great value. Two of the servants did something worthwhile with their talents and made double on what the lord had given them. But the servant who was given one talent, digged his in the earth.

The lord returned from his journey and the day of accountability had come to the servants. The servants which had five and two, cheerfully approached him with gladness because they had so much more to give to him. The lord of the servants responded to each, “Well done thy good and faithful servant: thou hath been faithful over a few things, let me make you ruler of many: enter thou in the joy of the lord.” Notice that both received the same reward. It is not so much as how much you give Jesus, as to the faith to do his work in his absence.

However, the servant who received one talent, did not do to well with the lord. He came to him with the one talent. He was afraid of his lord because he was hard and did nothing with his talent. The lord was not pleased with him and responded, “thou wicked and slothful servant”. Wicked because he lacked faith and slothful because he made no attempt to do anything with his talent.

This parable teaches that we must live in faith in the absence of Christ. The lord is Jesus. Don’t be like the wicked servant, who did not know his lord well and was afraid of him. He will rebuke us when wrong, but he is always loving and forging. He will never forsakes us. The talent is whatever the ability or gift God has entrusted in us to use to his honor. It could be minister to many or to take care of one needed person. Talents benefit the receiver and those that are blessed by the receiver. The servants are to use the talents for the benefit of our Lord. He is now in heaven, making daily intercessions for us to the Father. He expects us to serve him, just as if he was visibly present. To give yourself to him and to encourage someone else in him are of most value to him. “Enter thou into the joy of the Lord”, those are words that we shall hear when he returns, if we continue with faith in his absence.

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May the peace of God be with us.