Sermon Take Away “All Things Are Ready”

Matthew 22:1-14

In the gospels, Jesus taught in parables. A parable is a short story that teaches a spiritual or moral message. In this parable the king, had prepared a marriage for his son. He sent servants out twice to invite the guest. They did not see it as a priority and declined the invitation. But the king was persistent to have guest to attend this well-prepared marriage. The very best was at this marriage.

When the invited guest did not come, he expanded the invitation to the good and the bad. Many did come. However it was noted, that one man did not have on his wedding garment. When the king asked him about his garment, the man was speechless.

The king represented God and the son was Christ. The marriage was the bond of salvation. When we accept Christ, we form a bond that is not to be broken. This same bond is connected to God. The opportunity to be saved is available to all people. All have a free-will choice to come to this wedding. We are not expected to be perfect, upon entry. But once we accept the invitation of salvation, there should be a change in us. We cast off the old man of sin and a new man of righteousness is born. The wedding garment represents his salvation. In salvation, we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Don’t be caught without your wedding garment. Don’t expect to just slide into this well-prepared marriage and not to be held accountable for your appearance. Jesus knows all things. We come to Christ as we are. But in Christ, there should be a notable change in appearance. There should be a change in our way of living. “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Before the second coming of Christ, he will make the separation. Be included in the chosen.

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May God bless us all.