Sermon Take Away: “It Ain’t Over”

Luke 8:41-56

Faith is to believe that God can do anything. Jairus, a ruler of synagogue approached Jesus because his only daughter was dying. Before Christ could get to his house, someone from his house told him that “thy daughter is dead; trouble not the Master”. Many failed to believe that Jesus had the power to do the impossible.

Jesus spoke faith to the father by saying “Fear not: believe only and she shall be made whole.” In the most no win situation, we must remember the promises of our Savior. In every situation, he has the final say. For the power of God is always in action.

When Jesus arrived to the house, Peter, James, John and the father and mother of the maiden were the only ones allowed to stay in the house. Doubters and scorners are distractions. Faith and prayer are in alignment with the will of God. Faith and prayer are our lifeline to the throne of God. It is in prayer that we entrust our every need in his care. We have no reason to doubt that God will do something.

When troubling news comes your way, keep on praying. Remain persistent in your faith. This is how you will overcome any adversities. Power was in their presence, but they could not believe. Jesus told Thomas, “Blessed are they who have not seen, yet believed.” Surround yourselves with people who believe in the power of Jesus Christ. Even in a life and death crisis, it ain’t over.

Jesus called the maid to arise and her spirit came again. The maiden was healed whole: her physical condition, mind and spirit. To many this was a miracle. But Jesus did what he continues to do today, to magnify the power of God. With Jesus in the mix, tell yourself it ain’t over.

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May God bless us all.