Sermon Take Away: “More Than Conquerors”

Romans 8:37

The love of Christ is the center of our life. His love is poured into our souls. Through him we obtain the gift of salvation. Through him we are more than conquerors. Christ has the power of all things and all beings, including the devices of Satan. The enemy has no power over you, no matter how uncertain life is. Be certain that Christ will have the final say in our present lives and in our eternal life. There are six accounts in which Christ defeated Satan.

  • Satan was defeated in heaven. Heaven is a place of holiness and righteousness. Lucifer, the bright and morning star angel, tried to wreck havoc in heaven. God did not allow the evil deeds of this angel. He and his followers were cast to the earth.
  • Satan was defeated in the Garden of Eden. His spirit was in the serpent when he told Eve, The familiar scripture “thou shalt not surely die” . Even though Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden, they lived and God had a plan of redemption to save man. The prophesy that Christ will destroy Satan is in Genesis 3:15.
  • Satan was defeated at the birth of Christ. King Herod had heard that a king of the Jews was born. To protect his reign he had all children two and under slain. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, was led by the Holy Ghost to take baby Jesus and Mary to Egypt. They lived there until it was safe to return to Nazareth.
  • Satan was defeated at the death of Christ. Many lied to convince Pilate that Christ was worthy of death. He bore all sorrows and pains of the world and died. His death was for the salvation of man. “For there is no remission without the shedding of blood.”
  • Satan was defeated at the resurrection of Christ. Jesus rose up from death. He has power over death and life. Salvation is in his name. He alone saves us from our sins and from the tempter.
  • Satan will be defeated at the final judgment. Jesus will totally destroy him and all traces of sin.

As you experience, the presence of evil and go through your own personal trials, remain assured that in Christ none of those things will take your joy or steal your eternal soul as long as you remain in the love of Jesus Christ.

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May God bless us all in his continual understandings.