Sermon Take Away: “My Help”

Psalms 122 and 34

There are some Psalms that remain in our heart. Psalm 121 tells us that our relationship with God personal. Psalms are poetry written to be sung to express heartfelt thoughts to God. He hears and answers our prayers. Throughout the bible, his people witnessed his mighty acts. The people gave testimony that in trials, persecutions, temptations and even in their victories that God was “My Help”.

“He will not suffer thy foot to be moved; he that keepeth thee will not slumber.” Our steps are kept when we remain in his will. He does not sleep, nor does he get weary. He has a host of beautiful angels and creatures who are available at his very command to take care of his people. God is always open to have a conversation with us. But we must recognize Jesus as our Savior. The gospel song “Every Praise is to Our God”, says that he is our Savior, Healer and Deliver. He becomes personal to the believer because he depends and have full confidence in his presence. To trust him is a individual decision. God is “My Help” keeps us humble before him. We recognize our need for him.

People like to think they can do things on their own. But God wants to be with us in our times of trouble. His care is continual and we are kept under his wings. In the book of Genesis, God asked Cain “Where is thy brother?” His reply was “Am I my brother’s keeper”? How can we not care for one another and still ask God to care for us. A dedicated relationship with God will lead us to help and care for others. “My Help” draws us into a spirit of humility.

In this Psalm, we are reminded that he protects and provides for us. No matter what the need. As we approach him in prayer, we show faith in his presence. Esther proclaimed a prayer and fasting before she went before the King. Job petitioned the Lord through his afflictions. God allowed Satan to afflict him, to show that Job would remain with God.

The sun is very hot, but we are located in a specific point where we won’t get burned. In Christ, we have protection from diseases, crimes and troubles that are present in the world. The issues are not the lack of support from politicians. Recognize that Satan is the enemy. The cause of evil is his influence to steal, kill and destroy. The problems are spiritual matters. Therefore, we need God. His help is to the saving of our soul.

In Psalm 34, “The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.” No matter the trouble, God can deliver you. Job went through and was blessed even more than his beginning because he endured his suffering, trusting in the mercies of God. All will experience troubles. With humility and faith, trust in his help. “My Help” wants to get us out of those situations.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.” There is a turn around from affliction to deliverance. Thank you Jesus for sacrificing your life for us! Folks ask where is God. God has not gone any where. In every book in the bible, we can learn just how good and faithful God is. He is the same God. He is “My Help”. When Jesus makes his glorious return, every praise will continue to be to our God.

May God bless us all.

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