Sermon Take Away: “God is Good”

Scripture: Psalm 86:5; Mark 10:12-22

Good is one of the many attributes of God. It refers to his righteousness and his power. It refers to his faithfulness. We become who we are in Christ because of his goodness. Good tells us that he is complete. God is everything and has everything that we need.

He is good because he is “ready to forgive and plenteous in mercy unto all that call upon thee”. In the gospel of Mark, the rich man called Jesus good master. But Jesus corrected him and told him that “there is none but one, that is, God“. Jesus commanded all attention to be given the Father.

We as servants, do a good job and hope to do better in our ministries, but we are not good in the reference as applied to God. We need Christ to make us good. God needs no one or nothing. Knowing that God is good, we think of his goodness. He gives life, protection, strength, wisdom and so much more. Trials and challenges do not change his goodness. We conclude, he is still good. He gave us Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, for the forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life.

God made redemption possible so that we may receive an eternal peaceful home in his kingdom. Think on his goodness! When the sunrises and when the sunsets, God remains the same. He is good!

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.