Sermon Take Away: “Having God’s Peace”

Scripture: Philippians 4:4-8; John 14:26,27

In Jesus, we shall have victory and peace in our mind, body and spirit. He wants us to have peace, no matter what we go through.

Rejoice in the Lord. Praise God for the joy that you have within. Peace comes from joy. It is to accept and live in harmony of God’s will. It is comfort to know that you belong to him. Let your moderation be made known, that you believe in the Almighty God. It is through us, that people get to know Christ by our light. His peace is needed because God is omnipotent-all powerful, omniscient- knows all things and omnipresence- every where.

We are not to worry. Instead, we take every thing in pray and supplication, with thanksgiving. In peace, while in prayer, we wait to hear God’s response. His peace takes us through these challenging times and helps us not to worry about tomorrow.

God is so wonderful and his love for us is so powerful. He wants us to have peace in the midst of our storms. His peace continues in good and difficult times. In John 14 verses 26 & 27, Jesus spoke of the Comforter, who will give peace and understanding to the word of God. Christ gives us peace, not as the world gives. His peace is the assurance that he is always with us. People of God do worry at times, but we won’t become paranoid with his peace which alleviates our worries.

The Apostle Paul taught eight virtues to help keep the peace of God. Whatsoever things that are: (1)true – anything that is right, the Jesus in the word of God; (2)honest – things that are sincere, be true to others and yourself; (3) just – be fair. God is a just God. Jesus did not condemn the woman that was caught in adultery. Instead, he gave her accusers an answer in which they were condemned; (4)pure – untouched, holy. Our spirit must remain pure. (5)Lovely, wasn’t Jesus lovely? He had all people coming to him. He was attractive to all ethnicities, classes of people, etc. He was very approachable. (6)Good report -engage in positive news. Talk about the good things that our children doing. Many are graduating and serving their communities. (7)Virtue – moral excellence and (8) praise – something that deserves to be commended. All of these virtues describe our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thinking on all his goodness is Having God’s Peace.

Jesus tells us in John 16:33 to be of good cheer. He overcame the world . He knew that we would have tribulation. It is through our Victor, Jesus Christ, that we shall have the victory and peace in God.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.