Sermon Take Away: “You Can’t Tell It All”

Scripture: II Samuel 6:12-14; James 1:17

There are so many wonderful benefits being people of faith. Two of the many enjoyable moments is the opportunity to testify and the to hear the testimonies of others. A testimony is a personal statement of what God has done for you. The continuous flow of his mercies and grace are so much, You Can’t Tell It All.

David had a love joy for God. For many years, the ark of the Lord had no permanent home. The ark was a symbol of the presence, power and glory of God. It was brought to the city of David. With the ark in David’s possession, his joy and gratitude was made known. He rejoiced with great joy.

David was so joyful that he danced and leaped with all his might. David praised God with no thought on what anyone thought of him. We do give thanks to God for so much, yet still can’t tell it out. He is our provider, keeper, healer, advisor, protector and so much more. The life giving sacrifice of his Son has saved us. God is worthy of the praise.

It is a pleasure to tell of the goodness of the Lord. While testifying, the thoughts of his blessings fill our hearts with unspeakable joy and encouragement. Praise, worship and testimony belongs to God and to Jesus.

The church shares testimonies and all rejoice together over the blessings of God. When one has overcome sickness, financial distress, drug habits and other life challenges, the church will give praises to God.

Don’t be ashamed to get your praise on. It may seem unpleasant to others. But no one knows what you went through and how you trusted God to come to your rescue. When you go through, it is you and God.

Continue to treasure your joys and the good moments. In James, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” All good things come from our Father above, who changes not. It is his will to give us the best. We have assurance that he will remain a constant in our life.

When you say “I thank God”, your attention remains in him. Your testimony is to his honor and glory.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.