Sermon Take Away: The Disciple Whom I Loved

Scripture: John 21:20; Revelation 1:9,10

The 3½ ministry of Jesus Christ started AD27, shortly after he was baptized by John the Baptist. He chose twelve ordinary men to become his disciples. These twelve men were different in personality, ability and in their relationship with Jesus. They were called to witness, live and teach the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ during a very difficult time for the people of God.

The Apostle John was known as the disciple “whom Jesus loved“. This description of the author of the Gospel of John (being John himself), is not saying that Jesus loved him more than the other disciples. At no time, is there any indication that Christ showed favoritism. Each disciple had his own calling in the ministry. There are others reasons why he used this description in the scriptures. Apostle John was included in the inner circle with Peter and James which formed a closer union with Jesus.

During the life of the Apostles, Rome was the ruling nation. There were a succession of Caesars in the first and second centuries. The one thing that these leaders had in common was to persecute the people of God, specifically those that believed, taught and followed Jesus Christ.

The dreadful persecutions did not stop the work of the Apostle John. He preached throughout regions in Asia, while his life was threatened. He knew that his life was in the hands of God. He was the last of the twelve disciples to live, entering into the second century. It was so important for Emperor Domitian to stop the work of the Apostle John. He was the last Apostle to live who actually walked, touched and handled Jesus Christ. In spite of all the persecutions of the people of God, many people were saved in Jesus name.

The life of this great Apostle teaches us that there will come a time when we, the present day church, will suffer persecutions for our faith in Jesus Christ. Rulers over nations and countries do not want anyone above them. They make themselves to be gods for people to obey and worship. This is totally against the will of God.

The central theme of Apostle John was agape love, the love of God. In the gospel of John, the message throughout is that Jesus is the the Son of God. In his epistles, the message is about the love of God, the love of Christ and the love of church.

Because of his opposition to the anti-christ movement, John was exiled to the Isles of Patmos. It was there that he had his outer body experience “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day” with Jesus Christ and given the last day prophecies of the book of Revelation. It is so important to understand the life of these faithful Apostles in the ministry of Jesus Christ, in connection to the present day church in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.