Sermon Take Away: An Excellent God

Scripture: Psalm 8; Job 37:23

The book of Psalms gives us so much regarding how excellent God is. He is the Creator of all things in the earth. Excellent means extremely good and perfect goodness. King David used this word to proclaim how good God is. “O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!” God’s glory is who he is. Servants who preach, teach and spread the gospel are the babes. They are given ordained strength because of the enemies. The enemies are those who oppose God. He has the power to defeat enemy and he will fight our battles. We must pray and believe.

In Psalm 8, David gave words to express that God ordained man to have control over the earth. Man has power to rule the land, animals and use of nature. His excellency is seen in his will that man rule over his creations. Even in the disobedience of man, he still gives him mercy and the honor to rule the earth.

His excellence goes beyond having dominion on the earth. He shows his pureness and justice through the life of his people. Job was another devoted man who loved God. The devil presumed that if Job lost everything, including his family that he would curse God. He was allowed to tempt him, but not to take his life. The faithful life of Job is in response to the excellency of God. He loved God for who he is and not for what God could give him. God allows things to happen not to put us down or make our lives grievous. Trouble and/or disappointment happens that we may learn who he is.

Elihu, a companion spoke words of encouragement to Job. He told him that no one can figure out the depthness of God. “Touching the Almighty, we cannot find him out…” We learn more of God when go through life experiences. But we are not alone. God gave his only begotten son to die for us. The ceremonial laws was not sufficient. He made an everlasting way in Jesus Christ, who sits on the right hand of throne of God, that is power. In Jesus, there is excellency in the power of God almighty.

God is omniscient, he knows all things; omnipotent, he is limitless, full control of time; and omnipresence, he is everywhere. As we embrace all of the excellent attributes of God, we also understand the gift of eternal life. It is through his excellency, we have the gift of the water, blood, and the Spirit, the fullness of Jesus. The excellency of God is seen in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

God is excellent in judgment. He gives divine punishment in all fairness and in love. He lets us chose the path to live righteous or unrighteous. He wrote the ten commandments, which are the commands to love him and to love each other.

God does not inflict. We cause our own inflictions. Ancient Israel worshipped graven images and false gods. As a result, they had a history of captivities and constant attacks of their enemies. Jesus lived among men to experience the feelings of humanity. He knows very well what we go through.

Our God is above just okay and alright; he is an excellent God. Do you want to meet God one day? We must get on board and stay on board. Get to know God. Get to know just how excellent God is.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.