Sermon Take Away: The Family That Prays

Scripture: Genesis 37:31-36; 45:1; Matthew 7:7,8

We are thankful to see the clock still ticking as we enter into a calendar year 2022. All praises to the Almighty God for his mercies that endureth forever. This is the time when thoughts are given as to how to improve life. As I look forward to blessings everyday, I was mindful of some days in my past, where my roots of prayer came from. A devoted prayer life is the starting point to an improved life.

The family is very important to God. Adam and Eve were the first family. The most renowned families in the scriptures is Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There belief in God was the foundations of every generation. The faith in the presence of God and the constant need to trust him in prayer was instilled in their heart.

It is very important that we have Christ in the center of our family relationships. It is being in him that the family is protected by the destructive will of the enemy. Families make communities. Communities would be so much better if families start to bind and solve their issues. Jesus remains our only hope.

As resolutions are made for the new year, consider to pursue knowledge and understanding of salvation in Jesus Christ. Some thirty years later, my family remains even more faithful to him. Our need to pray and believe was planted in us as children by our parents. They took us to church. Equally important is that our parents kept us in a weekly circle of prayer. Later, in our adult ages, we came to the complete knowledge of salvation in Jesus Christ.

The brothers of Joseph wanted him out of the family. They concocted a lie that he was killed by a beast. Later, Joseph was appointed in a high governing position in the palace of Pharaoh. When his brothers came to Egypt for food, Joseph wept when he saw them. He had forgiven them for doing him so wrong. He had a belief of God instilled in him from his youth.

When families in Christ bond together, families are extended in spiritual families. All believers become one big spiritual family. Prayer connects our faith in God, our heavenly father and Jesus, our blessed savior.

Being in Christ makes a difference as to how our life will turn out. In all of your positive plans for the new year, let the love of God which is in Christ Jesus be a priority. Then your life will be ordered to obtain all things. “But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” I am very thankful for being in a family of faith.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.