Sermon Take Away: Trust in God

Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-10; Hebrews 11:1

Faith in God is a connection that we value. It is our way to acknowledge belief in his presence. In faith, we trust in Jesus. To trust is to believe that he knows all things and he knows what is best for us. The word trust is directly connected to our relationship with God and Jesus.

In trust, there is truth. When we open up the word of God, we can learn everything about him. As we learn of him, we learn to trust in him. The word is given that we may learn it, study it, and apply it. To learn is to read on the surface. To study the word is to go further in searching the scriptures for understanding. The word is applied when you make it personal. Truth is given to change us.

In truth, there is respect for God. “In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path“. Honor and worship God. Give thoughts to who Jesus is to you.

In trust, we are unique. Being in Christ is a very good thing. You are different and you deal with life through faith in Christ. “Honor the Lord with thy substance…”. When praise is given to God, he will bless you in return. Have confidence in his presence in your life.

In trust, there is sincerity. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…”. There is no room for doubt or to think that God will not respond to your prayers. Prayer is our lifeline to God. In trust, we seek for forgiveness and repentance. Jesus Christ is so important to us. “For without faith it is impossible to please God: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them who diligently seek him. “

In trust, there is temperance. “Be not wise in thine own eyes…” We must have self control, moderation and humility. Place God first in decision making. Don’t do things because we think it is right. Consider what would Jesus do. Jesus lived on the earth. He knows all the things that people go through and is able to connect with us. Temperance is learning to let go and trust God to deal with your needs. Jesus makes it easy for us. Thank him everyday.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.