Sermon Take Away: How Far Are You Willing to Go?

Scripture: I John 3:16; Luke 10 :30-37

The love of God is amazingly profound. His love is full of mercy, grace and is unconditional. The message of his love is written throughout the bible. The magnitude of his love was revealed in the life, death and resurrection of his only son and our blessed savior, Jesus Christ.

The love of God remains plain and direct that “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down or lives for the brethren.” God not only gave us his best, he gave us his all when he sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to save the world from their sins. Even more personally to save you. Christ gave his life for a world that knew him not. His own people denied him. He fulfilled the will of his Father and demonstrated love in its fullest. He gave his life that we may have eternal life. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…”

When we give considerable thought to his sacrifice, why is it so difficult to make to give our best to him and to extend kindness and love to each other. How Far Are You Willing Go? Love is not complicated, it just requires a degree of obedience to the will of the Father. The struggles and pain of life were laid upon Christ, to freely give us peace and help. He has the power to condemn, but he forgives. We have no such power and yet we have trouble to do what is required of us. We fall in the line of setting limitations or boundaries.

In the parable of the good Samaritan, the priest and the Levite, chose to walk on the other side to avoid helping a man that was near death. These were men of faith who taught others about love. Yet, they were not willingly to help someone who fell in the hands of danger. Being in Christ, we must not set limitations in love. Love is an action word. It is easy to give to people whom we care about. But we must give love to our enemies or those whom we maybe at odd. We were all enemies of Christ before we confessed our need of his salvation.

Understanding our position with him, provides the clarity of our relationship with others. It is because of the love of our heavenly Father, that is given through Christ our Savior, we are forgiven and have an opportunity to repent. With that thought, we will not limit how far we will go with others. The Holy Spirit will teach and guide us in our relationship with each other. Pray and render praises for the mercies and the strength of God. Ask the Savior for wisdom and help. Jesus gave his life to provide all the help that we need. He went as far as he could, when he gave his life for humanity. How far we go in our relationship with him is on us. We must be willing to go as far as he requires.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.