Sermon Take Away: A Glass Half Full

Scripture: Romans 12:12; I Timothy 1:1; Philippians 4:4

Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice. This is a scripture of hope and excitement of the Lord. We are encouraged to rejoice through the ups and downs. When we rejoice in the Lord always, we sustain a continuous hope in the will of the Lord.

The rhetorical expression a glass half full is to have an optimistic opinion about an outcome. In Christ we have every reasons to look forward to his will in us. A glass half empty gives reference to being pessimistic. A person who is pessimistic view things as failure or have opinions of negative outcomes.

The Apostle Paul wrote an encouraging message to the church at Rome. He said, “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation and continuing instant in prayers.” This message keeps us in line with the sovereign power of God.

Rejoicing in hope means to keep joy and peace in the expectation of a desired outcome of the Lord. It is faith that he is directly involved in our lives. Patient in tribulation is to wait in the Lord without upset during the time of trouble or uneasy situations. While waiting, we continue to let God know that we are trusting him. Continuing instant in prayer is to pray always. We never cease to pray. It is our lifeline to Jesus.

The glass half full indicates that one is almost there. The believer is convinced by the working of the Holy Spirit to trust in the never ceasing work and love of Christ. He is always working on our behalf. In the half full glass, we continue to fill it with hope, patience and prayers. We reject thoughts of discouragement, which will lead to the glass half empty. Discouragement leads to doubting what God can do.

Make sure that your glass is free from cracks. Cracks will cause your hope, patience and prayers to leak out, leading to an empty glass. In Christ, there are no empty glasses. He is our hope. Believing is to accept that he is always present and that he will take care of your every need. Believing is not to have doubt nor fear. Believing is to know that what is humanly impossible is possible with Christ. A glass half full has the potential of overflowing in the blessings of the Lord. Be excited about the goodness of God. Thank you Jesus.

From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ.