Sermon Take Away: Make a Way to See Christ

Scripture: Luke 19:1-10; Exodus 22:1

Jesus Christ came to seek and save that which is lost. In this scripture, he was passing through Jericho. In his travels from city to city, he taught, healed and encouraged many people. His name and his miraculous works were spoken of throughout the regions. “And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.”(Luke 4:14)

There was a man named Zaccheus. He was a publican, short in stature. He wanted to see Jesus for himself and could not because of the many people. He made a way to see Christ. He went ahead of Christ and climbed to the top of a sycamore tree. Being on the top of the tree, he had nothing to obstruct his view. When Christ passed by, he looked up and told Zaccheus to come down for he must abide at his house.

He had heard about Jesus and felt a need to see him for himself. Zaccheus was of Jewish descent and had knowledge of the word from the prophets. When he decided to climb in the tree, he knew that Christ had something that he needed. When his eyes made contact with Christ, he was saved.

The people murmured among themselves that Christ was a guest with a man that is a sinner. They missed the primary mission of Christ. He came to save sinners. He came to save people who could not help themselves. At some point in the life of a believer he realized that something was missing. His attention will go to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. It is in Christ our sins our forgiven and the way of repentance is given. It is in Christ we have access to our heavenly father. It is in Christ we have hope of eternal life.

Zaccheus wanted to make sure that he made his wrongs right before God. He followed the old testament teaching about restoring to your brother that which was unlawfully taken. In salvation our sins are forgiven. Salvation does not excuse us from the wrongs that we do to each other. In salvation we learn how to love God and each other. The Holy Spirit convicts when we do wrong to others. Zaccheus was so joyful, he wanted a clean life in his faith loving journey with God in Christ Jesus. That is a amazing! Christ is amazing!

In this study, Zacchaeus had no excuses not to accept salvation. We can’t use physical impairments. We can’t use financial status or race. Zaccheus held a prestigious position and he was rich. But all the money in the world will never replace our need for salvation. The only way to make it to heaven is Jesus. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Daily we must seek for him.

Zacchaeus and his acceptance of Jesus had such an inspiring twist. All distractions must be removed to see the Savior, Jesus Christ. No longer do we run ahead of Christ. We let him take the lead to guide our lives.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ