Sermon Take Away: A Not Now Moment

Scripture: I Samuel Chapter 1

In the inspired word of God, we learn so much about the remarkable lives of his people who trusted in him. Even during times of uncertainty or disappointments, the one constant factor remained that their God had the power in their lives.

We experience a no response from time to time when we make a our request from God. In I Samuel chapter one, there was a devoted woman name Hannah who did not give up on her much wanted request. Hannah was one of two wives of Elkanah. She was not able to conceive and wanted a child more than anything. She stayed before God making her humble request. At the time of giving offering to his wives, he gave her a worthy portion because he loved her. But he did not understand why her heart was so grieved.

While she stayed before God, she continued to live as he had commanded her to do, even though she had “bitterness of soul”. She served and obeyed her husband and she went to the temple, where she offered her sacrifices to God. There is not one situation that should change our faithfulness to God. The times of request for a child, was not the right time. But her persistence was known by God, the one who discerns the intentions of our heart.

While in the temple she quietly prayed, though her lips were in movement. Eli the high priest thought that she was drunken. She told him that she had no strong drink. She had poured out her soul before the Lord. In Hannah, there was a deep love and trust that her God will answer her prayer. She experienced in her life what many of us do a “A Not Now Moment.”

No response does not mean that God does not hear us. It does not mean that He will not answer our prayers. While waiting in the Lord, we become better people of faith because we learn to trust God the more. His plan for us is far better than what we ask. Believers who build there faith on the Jesus foundation will know God’s will. We don’t ask anything outside of his will. As we get to know Jesus, his Spirit will give us the understanding of his will. We find ourselves tossing the what is for me question.

Hannah vowed that if given a man child, she would dedicate him to the Lord. We should never stop pouring out our souls to God. Take comfort to know that he hears you and will answer your prayer. As a result of her faithfulness, after her talk with Eli, her countenance was not sad. God had heard her prayer and answered it in his time. “…the Lord remembered her.”

This great women of God did conceive a male child, named Samuel. He became a well-spoken prophet during the lives of Saul and David. It is in women like Hannah, we see the importance to remain faithful, and trust the Lord with all of our heart, despite seemly obstacles.

In due time “A Not Now Moment” will be changed to a moment of fulfillment by the power and mercies of God.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ