Sermon Take Away: I’m Grateful

Scriptures: Psalm 8

Our God is a good! His mercies fail us not. He is awesome. He is worthy of our praises. Testimonies are good for all. In our testimonies, we acknowledge that God is supreme. He is over our lives. Do we take enough time to tell him what he means to us. What about reasons of to say “I’m Grateful”.

It is a very good thing to take more time to think about the blessings of God. There are so many until it is possible at times, to get overwhelmed with day to day happenings. Psalm 8 is reminder of the glory of God. The Lord is excellent. His character changes not. His love for us changes not. The description of excellent applies on to him. Excellent means that he is perfect in all ways. The fall of man is not the fault or the will of God. Yet because he is excellent, he knew the way to bridge the brokenness that sin has created between him and man.

It is a very good thing to take time to reflect on God’s beautiful creations. By his majestic power he spoke the word and the world was made. The celestial beings, the sun, moon and the stars. The different families of animals, fowls of the air and the sea creatures.

It is a very good thing to take time to be grateful for his creations of man. It is written in Genesis that we were made in him image. He had superior plans for Adam, the leading man. But when Eve gave into the tempter, God had to make away to redeem man to himself.

It is a very good thing to take time to be grateful for his unfailing love for us. He loved us so that he gave his all when he sent forth his only begotten Son to redeem us. Sin in all its evil form did not stop his love for us. Just think about how the Almighty God wants to be with us.

It is very good thing to take time to be grateful for the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross. No one could have done what he did for humanity. He is the bridge to give every man, woman and child the opportunity to be saved. It is through his death and resurrection that we have hope in our present life and eternal life in the new world to come.

It is very good thing to take time to be grateful for things as well as they are. While still going through the daily changes of this pandemic, we can still think on the goodness of our God. You have a family to love, you have your needs met, you have a portion of strength everyday, etc. Again, nothing stops or take away from his glory. His glory is above all things.

Let’s take more time to ponder on the magnitude of being grateful for all things. But especially for our life in Christ. He alone is enough to remain very grateful.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ