Sermon Take Away: A War Going On

Scriptures: I Samuel 17:38-51; Ephesians 6:10-18

Since the fall of Adam, there has been a force to destroy the perfect creations of God.  This force to destroy came from one of the most cherished angels in heaven, Lucifer.

In the book of Samuel, David fought Goliath, the giant Philistine.  David did not like the negative message and his defiant words about the living God. The Philistines were enemies of Israel. Saul had given David the weaponry to fight.  But David had not proved those weapons.  He was familiar with simple forms of weapons being raised a shepherd boy.  David took his five smooth stones and his sling.  However, it was not so much the strength in these weapons.  David had declared that the battle was the Lord’s. His strength and trust was in the power of God the Almighty.

Human beings cannot fight against spiritual powers.  When Lucifer and a third of the angels was cast out of heaven, they did not lose their power to do evil. His name was changed to Satan, which means adversary.  He and the fallen angels are present throughout the world wreaking havoc and sin in the human race.  We must trust in God to fight this spiritual battle.  There is a war going on. 

In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul encouraged the church to put o the whole armor of God that they may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  He pointed out that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  It is not the human flesh that we see, but it is the spirit that is within man or the spirit that lurks around that we wrestle with.  It is against principalities.  Principalities are territories of the prince of the devil.  He has a headquarter until his appointed time of annihilation.

The Apostle lived around Roman soldiers.  He studied their behavior, attire and he likened them to a believer wearing spiritual attire, being prepared for battle.  Being fully equipped, we turn our attention to Christ. By his power, we withstand the power of darkness, while keeping in mind that Christ is our commander. He is the one that will have the victory of every attack of the adversary.

Unlike, natural soldiers, believers never change or take off our spiritual attire.  God has given us:

  • loins girt with truth – accepting what God had given us in his word as opposed to what the world teaches
  • breastplate of righteousness – a spirit of goodness and confidence of your position with Christ
  • shield of faith – believe in the presence of God
  • helmet of salvation – Jesus Christ is our personal Savior
  • sword of the Spirit – the word of God

Prayer is the breath of the soul.  It is how we receive spiritual power.  Prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the Chief Cornerstone of our salvation and strengthens the very core of our spiritual experience.  Prayer is like the atmosphere of God’s people.  It is having constant communication acknowledging him in praises and in supplications.

It is important that we be wise, not giving any credit to the adversary, but diligent in our faith in Christ Jesus. Daily, make sure that Jesus is found deep down within.  Keep on your spiritual attire and trust in the sure victory that is found in our blessed Savior, Jesus Christ.  

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ