Sermon Take Away: Pray and Keep Praying

Scriptures: Matthew 7:7; 1 John 5:14-15

Are you a graduate believer in Jesus Christ?

A graduate in Jesus Christ has come to accept the full package that comes with Jesus Christ. They are the ones who have studied the Word of God and applied every word to themselves. They are the ones who know to put God first in their lives and to allow God to enter their hearts and help them to grow spiritually, naturally, and mentally. This is a graduate believer.

No believer is perfect, but it is our aim to be so with the loving help of Jesus Christ. But in order to grow in a positive light we must pray and keep on praying. Praying is a very important part of our journey in salvation. It is how we communicate with God. But first we must pray to Jesus Christ, God’s most precious son who sacrificed his life for mankind.

Jesus told his disciples and to us to day in Matthew 7:7 that God welcomes us to seek him every day in our lives. God gave us his Holy Spirit so he can dwell within us and be present with us. The Word says to ask, to seek, and to knock.

What does this mean?

When you ask of God, you are speaking to him verbally. You are directly asking God for a variety of things in the name of Jesus. Now God is a powerful god. He already knows what we need and want, but praying creates this relationship with him to prove our faith and trust in him. You can ask for a new job, for healing, for protection, for guidance to handling a situation, for family peace, and above all for spiritual guidance.

When you seek of God, you are looking for his response to your questions. You could be seeking him for understanding of the Word of God, or for his strength and endurance to go through what you cannot control. We can seek God for unity and peace within our families, our communities, and our countries. We can seek for his understanding and compassion so we can sympathize with people around us and understand that everyone has needs. We can seek what King David had sought for, a clean heart.

When you knock on God’s door, he will answer it. Knock on God’s door with persistence and don’t give up. Do not think God does not hear your cries. The Word states how God never sleeps and his ears are open to the prayers of everyone. Knock on his door for forgiveness with godly sorrow. Knock on his door for a peace of mind. When you knock, you are showing God that he is the one in control and that you depend on no other but him. Give God credit for what he’s done in your life and above all believe it with all your heart.

If you don’t know how to pray, it’s okay. See praying as a way of speaking. Simply talk to God. Talk to Jesus Christ as if he’s standing right there before you. You may follow these steps below if you can’t find the right words.

A – Adoration – First give God the glory and the honor. Acknowledge his son Jesus Christ and how he is your savior.

C – Confession – Confess your faults to Jesus. Seek repentance and forgiveness for the known things you’ve done and the unknown things.

T – Thanksgiving – Give thanks to Jesus for all he’s done for you and the things he will do for you.

S – Supplication – When you get to this part of your prayer, ask, seek, and knock. Ask God your questions. Seek God for answers and for deliverance. And knock for spiritual guidance.

Above all you must believe. Take a deep breath and feel relieved that you have a powerful God looking after you. Remember, pray, pray, pray, and keep on praying. God hears you.

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From the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ