Sermon Take Away: Praise From Within

Scriptures: Psalm 95, John 4:19-24

Our message for you is about praise. Your praise to God Almighty. Why do we praise? We praise God because he is great, he is powerful, he is our Creator, and the list goes on. Thank you Jesus!

When the saints of the Most High God give our praises to him, it is in various ways. We can pray. We can sing. We can dance. We can recite a poem. We can share out testimonies. We can do whatever we can to show and to express our love and our thanks to Jesus Christ for his sacrifice that redeemed us of our sins and for God to creating us into existence.

And why do we give praise? We shouldn’t give praise for what God has done for us or for our prayers being answered. No. We should praise our God because of WHO HE IS! Because we know and believe deep down in our hearts and our souls that whatever we ask for, whatever we seek, whatever we need there is no need to worry because God will handle it. God has ALREADY handled it.

That’s why we praise from within. We receive joy and allow it to conquer our being. Joy is contentment in everything and in anything. When facing grief, pain, trouble, and even happiness, joy keeps us content to know that God will take care of us. He will take care of you.

It is good to remember that God had created us to worship him. And what is worship? Worship is giving reverence to God. Praise is how we worship. When we worship God our main focus is God and not on what we can get out of it. We must take self out of this kind of worship because it is all about God.

So make sure you take a moment to give God praise for being a great and loving God. Give God praise for being merciful. Give God praise because he loves us so much, he gave us his Son to die for us.

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