“God’s Everlasting Mercy” (Psalm 103)

Our God is great and He is worthy of our praises!  Psalm 103, which was composed by David, is one of the most inspired Psalms.  The Psalms were songs of testimonies.  To praise God is one of our spiritual weapons to defeat the devises of the enemy.  In praise we give all reverence, all respect, all acknowledgement to our him alone. In praise, we tell God that we trust in him for all things.

In this Psalm, David did not ask for anything.  The entire psalm is one which describes the loving, forgiving and merciful presence of God: God’s Everlasting Mercy.   David commands that we bless the LordWe bless the Lord be giving recognition to his creative power.   We acknowledge that he is the Creator of heaven and earth.   He forgives all iniquities, the state of being a habitual sinner.

God’s mercies are far beyond human understanding.  He forgives because he has no pleasure in the ruin of his most beautiful creation, man.  We have a blessed hope everyday because his mercies are from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children’s children.  His degree of compassion is endless.

God demonstrated his mercies in the highest form when he sent forth his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to save the world from sins.  This great deliverance is reason enough to command yourself to bless the Lord.  Continue to tell God just what he means to you.  He is attentive to the voice of his children.

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