Sermon Take Away: I Cried

Scripture: Mark 10:46-52

Today’s message urges you to take time to cry out to Jesus like Bartimaeus did. This kind of cry does not involve shedding tears but pouring out your soul to God. Tell him what you need and ask him for help or deliverance. You must believe in the power of Jesus and the power of prayer. Jesus will answer and step in right on time.

Those surrounding Jesus were telling Bartimaeus to be silent as he cried out to Jesus but the Word says Jesus stood still and summoned him over. When you are at your lowest and stuck in a corner, you have a right to cry out to God. Don’t pretend you don’t need help or that there is a problem. Everyone needs some form of help whether it’s physically, mentally, or spiritually.

God is waiting to hear your voice. He wants to be in our presence every second of the day. He wants to make you complete and feel complete. And once you cry out to God and receive your answer, your life will never be the same. So continue giving God praise. Continue praying and talking to Jesus. Be patient. Your blessing is on the way.

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God bless and stay safe.