Sermon Take Away: Prayer Changes Things

Scripture: Acts 12: 4-19

Today’s sermon focused on prayer and the power of prayer. When you pray, it does change things. When you believe in the power of God, he has the control of making things happen in your life. We all have different levels of faith but it’s okay especially when we place all our trust in Jesus.

We pray to ask God for something, or to seek his help and guidance, or just to tell him thank you. Praying is an important way to communicate with our mighty God. Remember God wants to dwell with us physically and internally. That is why he gave us the Holy Spirit. God can hear everyone’s prayers at the same time. He never slumbers or turn away from them. He’s always working on our behalf.

We are of the flesh, meaning we are weak and prone to sin. That is why we must keep our eyes and our hearts stayed on Jesus. What we can’t do, God can do.

So take time to commune with God. And believe it’s already done. Take all of God’s promises in the Word and claim them in your life. Because God wants us to be happy and to succeed. He doesn’t want anyone to be sad or to perish. God is a loving God.

When you pray, he hears you. Don’t give up. Keep depending on God.

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