Sermon Take Away: A Matter of Worship

Scriptures: Daniel 3: 14-30, Exodus 20:2-5, 8-11, Revelation 13:14-17

In today’s sermon we focused on worship. Who we are to worship? Why and how?

The Word says there is one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism. There is only one God in heaven we are to give our undivided worship and praise to. Through the acknowledgment and acceptance of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice to redeem us of our sins, we give God what he is due. Our worship.

We worship God because he is our creator, our deliverer, the beginning and end of the world, and he is almighty and powerful who knows and sees all things that occur on Earth and in Heaven. He is in control of everything. Thank you Jesus.

When it comes to how we worship the number one thing that is important to God is the day of worship. In Genesis God rested and sanctified the seventh day of the week before there was a nation of people and before the Jews ever existed. God reiterated the Sabbath day when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments which states for the world to remember the sabbath day and keep it holy. The seventh day sabbath is a sign between God and his people.

Now that we are living in the Last Days spoken of in Revelation, it has been prophesied that the day of worship will be the focused issue before Jesus returns. See, in heaven worship became an issue by Satan who desired to be God and claim his throne. Like then, Satan is on a mission to take away our worship and our faith in Jesus by proclaiming a worldwide religion that declares Sunday as the Sabbath.

Believers of Jesus Christ must continue to trust in God, learn and study the Word of God, strengthen our faith, and seek God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so that we won’t be deceived or fall weak to this deception of Satan. At the end, worship will matter.

The Word tells us to choose this day who you will serve. So we encourage you today to go to church, not to join their clubs, or to enjoy the charisma of the minister, or show off your fashionable clothing, or for the music. Go to church for God alone. Go to church to seek nurturing for your spirit, your faith, and your studies in the Word, so you can be ready when prophesy truly unfolds.

Jesus is coming back but when he does all eyes will see him in the sky. Jesus will not touch this earth and will not force people to worship on Sunday. Beware of the tactics of Satan and continue to trust in Jesus for ALL things.

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From Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah