Sermon Take Away: Living to Live Again

Scriptures: John 21:25, Luke 12:13, Proverbs 12:5, Ecclesiastics 12:7, Revelation 22:14-21

Today’s message was Living to Live Again. An encouragement for believers in Jesus Christ to prepare themselves and their souls for the coming of Jesus and eternal life.

When Jesus ministered on Earth, there were many things he had done that wasn’t mentioned in the Bible. But it is good to know that what God gave us in the Bible is exactly what we need. God wants us to know that he is still in charge of everything. If we don’t accept the gift of salvation we will die and never live again.

By the grace of God we have the opportunity to live again. We will have a crown one day to cast down at God’s throne but for now we have hope and faith. God will never fail his people. As long as we live we must continue to make plans for every day life but remember we must plan for our permanent eternal home.

In this home, there will be no killing, unfairness, pain, discrimination, stealing, deceptions, poverty, and etc. Jesus said he is building mansions for us in this home of peace. Life is greater than what we see. No in between. At the end its either Life or Death. Now is the time to prepare ourselves.

In Luke 12:16, the parable of the rich man, he had so much riches that he didn’t know what to do. He asked himself what should he do with his riches. He decided to build greater bonds. But he should’ve concentrated on building his soul instead. God wants us to know that in this parable we cannot store up what we have but to give to someone else. Our only value in life is in Christ. He does not want our cars, money, homes or other materialistic things. Only our hearts and souls.

As we bless God, God blesses us in return.

Do not live in vain. Our souls are important to the Lord. Make the best of your time and don’t be like the rich man only thinking of natural riches. There is only one way to live, and that is Jesus’ way. God gave us the gift of choice, so we must decide who we want to serve and how to spend our time. Because tomorrow is not promised, so we must put Jesus first.

We want to hear when all life has ended, Jesus saying to us ‘Well done. Thy good and faithful servant.’ So continue to stay steadfast unmovable and always abounding in the Word. God gives us enough that we will make it. We won’t be like the rich man but we will live to live again.

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Be blessed in the name of Jesus.

From Pastor Tylvis E. Koromah