Sermon Takeaway: The Whole Armor of God

(Ephesians 6:10-18; Hebrews 11:1;Matthew 21:22)

This message is Part 2 of last week’s inspiring message. The whole armor of God is the protective attire for the believers to live in the faith of by the power that is in Jesus Christ. God in his infinite wisdom has prepared us to be ready for the spiritual warfare. Apostle Paul, as directed by the Holy Spirit, gave a very descriptive analogy of believers, identifying us as soldiers in the army of the Lord. We are to protect, defend and represent the name of God and his son Jesus Christ. We are equipped with a spiritual armor.

  • The breastplate is a signet of God. This protects the most vital organ of the human body in the spirit and in the physical: the heart. The character of a man is formed in his heart.
  • The loins girt with truth. Truth came in the person of Jesus. He is consistent, he does not change. (John 14:6) We must be in Jesus. The Father has given him the power over all things, even evil. In having the embodiment of truth, the ten commandments are the guide to living in His will. (Exodus 20:1-17)
  • The feet are prepared to carry the weight to deliver the gospel.
  • The shield of faith protects what we believe. Faith covers our life in Christ. Faith is to know that God is able to answer the things that we hope for. Hope is a desire for a positive outcome or change. Hope and faith are very important in our life.
  • The helmet of salvation protects our mind. The mind is where we obtain the knowledge and acceptance of salvation in Jesus Christ. Salvation in Christ is the primary attack of Satan. If he can discourage us or weaken our thoughts in Christ, he has an open door to our life.
  • The most important device of a solider is his weapon. Our weapon is the word of God, the bible. The bible gives instructions on who God is, why he loves us, salvation, everlasting life and so many other important teachings that are relevant to life in Christ. (I Peter 3:15)

Prayer is not included as part of the armor, but it is very essential. Prayer is the breathe of our soul. Prayer is the straps that keep our armor together. It is our way to remain in communication with the Lord.

In the army of God, we are not alone. We become comrades to support and encourage one another, with the mission to receive our reserved seat in heaven. Please visit our Facebook page to hear this soul-stirring message. You will be charged up for the victory. Sister LeQuita C.Harrison, Messenger