Sermon Take Away: Bless the Lord

Scripture: Psalm 103

Today we came from a psalm of King David that commands us to bless the Lord. Every day we should acknowledge God and make a proclamation about who God is.

God is a good and loving god who knows all things. He is our provider, our protector, and a deliverer when we are in trials.

We should remember to bless the Lord and tell him thank you for all his benefits. The Word breaks down those benefits as these:

1. God will forgive you of all your iniquities. Every time we sin and disobey God’s Law we must seek repentance through Jesus Christ to restore our Spirits. And God will forgive you because he wants us to make it to heaven and not perish.

2. God heals all our diseases. No matter what is going on in your body whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual God can fix it. He is the only one who knows all about us and knows our hearts. He has the power to bring us through sicknesses only if we believe and have faith.

3. God redeemed our life from destruction by giving us his precious Son Jesus Christ. Without the loving sacrifice of Jesus, we would have no salvation to turn to. We would be caught up in Satan’s plan to destroy us and our chances of Eternal Life. When Jesus died and resurrected, he defeated the power of death so that when you claim Jesus as your personal savior, you can live again with him one day.

4. God crowned us with his loving kindness and tender mercies. God is a loving god. He showers everyone both saint and sinner with his love and mercy. Every day we are given the opportunity to be saved or to strengthen our faith.

5. God satisfies our mouths with good things. This means once you’ve gone through your trials or God answered your prayers, we are given the chance to testify to others about the goodness of Jesus. We can thank God and give praises to him for all he’s done for us. This is what God wants from his people. He wants us to spread the gospel and spread the good news that you may have sorrow but joy comes in the morning.

6. God will renew your strength. When you are feeling down or you need God to lift you up, he is always there to be your support system. Only God can give you the power to withstand anything Satan casts your way.

So remember to bless the Lord daily. Give him praise and thanks for not giving up on you. Just remember that God will never give up on you and he never fails. Even in this pandemic, and grief, and sorrow we must still thank God because he is still in control.

We hope you receive a blessing from the Word of God.

– given by Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah

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Be blessed in the name of Jesus.