Sermon Take Away: I Am Is Here

Scripture: Exodus 3:11-15; 14:10-31; Revelation 22:3-4

We begin with God having a deep conversation with Moses from the fiery bush. God reminds us who he is by saying “I Am that I Am.” So while we are facing this pandemic we must remember that God sits on a high throne and that he is still in control of everything. We must continue to connect and commune with God every single day to keep us and shower us with his grace and mercy. We must acknowledge who God is to us and believe that he is in charge of our lives.

Remember who God is:

Omnipotent – meaning he has all power and control over this Earth. No man can do anything without the permission and will of God. So remember to place your trust in Jesus instead of these world leaders who do not acknowledge God.

Omniscient – meaning God is all knowing. He knows what is going on while we see the now. He knows the past, the present, and the future.

Omnipresent – meaning God is everywhere. It is good to know that God is here with us. In our ups and our downs and our worries over this virus, that God has not forsaken us. He is still here. I Am is still here.

Keep trusting and calling on God. Ask him for forgiveness and mercy and he will deliver us. This world is growing wickeder every day with sin, hatred, and crime. The only one who can give us a peace of mind is Jesus. The only way to commune with God is through Jesus Christ.

So remember, I Am is Here.

Be blessed by the Word of God in the name of Jesus.

– sermon by Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah

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