Sermon Takeaway: Rest Your Soul in the Lord

The scripture we came from for this sermon was Psalm 62. King David expressed a powerful prayer to the Lord, telling God how his soul waits on the Lord because he is his refuge, his rock, and his salvation.

Our souls are very important to God. Our souls are made up of who we are as a person like our personalities, our opinions, and our spirits. When God created man he formed our bodies from the dirt of the Earth and breathed his spirit/breath into us, creating a living soul.

It is important that we take care of our souls. When feeling worried, stressed, depressed, or anxious it leaves our souls vulnerable to the deceptions of Satan. Satan doesn’t want us to be happy. He wants us to corrupt our souls with sin and hopelessness so we can lose our chances of eternal life.

You do not want to be Walking Bones who do not care about their souls and what would happen to it after death. Be encouraged in the Lord and place all your trust in him, especially during this pandemic. Remember God will never leave his people nor forsake them. So seek peace and rest your soul in the Lord. Everything is in God’s control.

– Message by Sister LeQuita Harrison

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And be blessed in the name of Jesus.