Sermon Take Away


Psalm 51

Psalm 51 teaches the importance of repentance. In the bible, the people of God had very close relationships with him. There lives were not perfect and their relationships with God were written for our benefit. David prayed to the Lord for his mercies and his forgiveness for the erroneous sins which he had acknowledged. Repentance is having godly sorrow for sins and/or actions that are contrary to the Lord and making a change in behavior. It involves asking for forgiveness and a desire for a heart transformation. There must be an inward change of the heart. Believers have eased the biblical principle of repentance in settling for God’s forgiveness, but not a change in behavior. This Psalm is a perfect model for every believer who seeks to have an enduring relationship with our Father. When we confess and change our ways to be conformable to God, our joy is restored and we can sing of His righteousness.