Join Us TODAY for the Annual Sabbath Keepers Convention

12th Annual Sabbath Keepers Convention – July 11-14, 2019,
Mclean, Virgina – Website

The Path of Righteousness Church in Christ will be attending the 12th Annual Sabbath Keepers Convention Today through Sunday. We will be joined with fellow followers of Jesus to give God praise. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@1PathtoJesus) for pictures and Live Stream Videos. We can’t wait to enjoy this time in the Lord.

What you’ve missed:

July 12, 2019 – Sister LeQuita Harrison gave a beautiful and enriching encouraging words last night. Her message was Study It, Live It, and Apply It surrounding the Bible and how we as believers in Christ must use these three methods to make sure we stay saved in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah workshop Lift Up The Cross– July 13, 2019

Join us Facebook Live (@1PathtoJesus) for the services.

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