Join us LIVE on FACEBOOK For Today’s Sermon!

Jesus instructed us to spread the gospel to the world and he would draw all men unto him. Today we will be continuing our new method of spreading the Word by means of LIVE STREAM! 

LIKE our Facebook page and join us for today’s sermon around 4:10 PM. 

We do have an Instagram account (@1PathtoJesus) where we are planning on doing LIVE STREAM from it as well. But that is still in the works. 

God has truly blessed the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ to have this opportunity to share God’s Word to the world live. 

Once the LIVE STREAM ends, it will post automatically onto our page. However, following this video, it will be posted on our Youtube channel to be archived forever and to be viewed by all. 

Thank you for visiting our website and receiving the Word of God. Remember Jesus is watching and the angels are rejoicing to have you join us this Sabbath Day. 

May God be with you!

From the Members of the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ

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