Another Blessed Year for the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ

God bless you.

Let us first give God the thanks for blessing us to see a new year. Let us rejoice and pray that this year God will continue to shower us with an abundance of blessings. 

With this new year of 2019, the Path of Righteousness Church in Christ have some new things for you to look out for. We now have an Instagram, a Facebook, and a YouTube account for you to join us in this journey of faith. The Lord has blessed us to live in a time period where we can easily spread the gospel of Jesus to everyone, even across the globe.

So when you get a chance, follow us @1PathtoJesus on Instagram and Facebook where you will receive inspirational messages, verses of the day, spiritual pictures of the church in action, news updates, and video clips of the Word of Life by our Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah. Also listen and download for FREE our recorded audios of sermons on SoundCloud @PathtoJesus, and watch the sermons on our YouTube channel.

Let us continue to give God the praise and thanks for his mercies and love endureth forever in Jesus’ name. Feel free to message us and subscribe to our website for new written lessons and information about our church. 

May God be with you always in the name of Jesus,

Sincerely from Sister LeQuita C. Harrison 

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