QA: Who is Jesus?


Jesus is the Son of God sent to Earth to save the humans from their sins. He was planted into a virgin woman, birthed into the land of iniquity, grew into a man of no sin, a new creation of God’s magnificent power, betrayed and spat upon, and persecuted on a cross, his cross, our cross. With every scorn, every whip, every thorn, every bruise, Jesus bore the sins of the world upon his body. The living lamb, the sacrifice, the only truest sacrifice worthy enough to bare the past, the present, and the future. He hung his head and died, was placed into his grave, and rose three nights and three days later. Hands and feet pierced of the nails hammered by his persecutors, his people, those who would not accept him, he ascended into heaven. That very day he sent his people the Comforter to dwell in our hearts so God’s commandments, God’s loving character, God’s major sacrifice, would be written there waiting for all to accept. So there your door knocks and knocks, he’s waiting for you to open. For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son. So those who may call upon him may be saved and not perish. Jesus Christ stretched his arms wide for all to grasp on. Grab on, hold tight, never let go. He will always be there by your side. Always there to hold you when you cry. Always there to provide your every need. Always there a friend indeed. Trust in the Lord with all Thine Heart and lead not into thy own understanding. He is our Savior, our one and only loving merciful Savior.

A Story to Remember

      One day a man walked into a crowded arena. He wore the love and joy of Jesus Christ in his heart and couldn’t help but smile. So he stood in the center and held up his arms to the sky and closed his eyes. As an hour came around, people started to encircle him wondering what he was doing. Finally, he opened his eyes and lowered his arms.
      “Jesus,” he said to them. As if the name was like a curse they quickly dispersed, but one Listener approached him.
      “Who is this man?” The Listener asked.
      That moment the Listener was given a very decent response. Though, still confused the Listener fell curious and did what the man had said for him to do. He dropped to his knees and closed his eyes. “Jesus,” he said from the bottom of his heart and immediately, he was saved.
      A few days later the Listener entered a new arena and did exactly what the other man did. He lifted his arms and closed his eyes until a crowd surrounded him. Finally, he  opened his eyes and lowered his arms.
      “Jesus,” he said to them. As if the name was like a curse they quickly dispersed, but two Listeners approached him.
      “Who is this man?” They asked.
      As before they too were enlightened with The Truth and so they returned to their homes and called on this precious name.
      A few days later the two Listeners went to two new arenas and did exactly what the other men did. They lifted their arms and closed their eyes until a crowd surrounded them. Finally, they opened their eyes and lowered their arms.
      “Jesus,” they said to them. As if the name was like a curse they quickly dispersed, but three Listeners approached them both. Three to one and three to the other.
      “Who is this man?” They asked.
      And again they too were enlightened, eyes opened, and heart filled with the Holy Spirit. A new life had been given to them and they grasped hold onto it.
      So on and on this chain reaction continued, each one gaining one or two more. Each having a single curiosity, a single question to this name that brought them to stand so strong and bravely in the midst of a crowd. Who did not care what others thought. Who did not care on what would happen to them if they said that sacred name, Jesus.
      Jesus said to his disciples and to those who would read upon his words to, “Lift up his name and he will draw all men unto him.”
      As Jesus died on Calvary with his arms open wide and head raised to his Father, so the same we should do. Give praise to Jesus Christ with all our hearts, our minds, our souls, until death do us part as Jesus did for his Father.
      So do not be afraid to Lift the Name of Jesus Christ for he will do the drawing and he will strengthen your faith and your power to endure to the end.

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-Written by Sister LeQuita C. Harrison

Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah
The Path of Righteousness Church in Christ

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