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Thought to Ponder: The Sabbath Day is not only for the Jews or the Israelites from the Old Testament but for EVERYONE. Think about it, God created the Sabbath Day before there were specific nations. So there is no reason or no excuse for not worshiping God Almighty on the seventh day of the week. Ponder it…

In the first book of the Bible named Genesis, it explains the creation of Earth and mankind. It took God six days to make a void form transform into a beautiful piece of artwork. And on the seventh day, it says that God rested. Not only did He rest on this seventh day, but He also blessed it and sanctified it. (Genesis 1 & 2)

God made it known that this seventh day was made for man to rest from his daily work (labor) and put all earthly activities aside so man may be closer to God. It is very remarkable how God only wants one day for mankind to acknowledge him. Although, we ought to be close to God every day of our lives, He made this day special so both your mind and spirit can be focused only on God and your salvation. (Exodus 20:8-11; Matthew 12:8)

In Exodus 20, God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses in order to remind His people that His laws still exist. Remember, during the times of Genesis and Exodus, God’s people have come to forget Him plenty of times and it always resulted in either death or bondage. God does not want this for His creations. What he wants is for everyone to have love in their hearts and to have the desire to worship Him for He is greatly to be praised.

The seventh day was given the name Sabbath Day which means ‘a holy rest.’ When Jesus Christ was sent to be born in this wicked world, he grew up in obedience to his Father. He prayed, he worshiped, he did his respected rituals of the Jewish faith at that time, and he also kept the sabbath day. It stated in the New Testaments how Jesus would disappear to his Father’s house (the temples) on the sabbath day and teach the Word of God to anyone who’d listen. As he came of age and was anointed by the power of God, Jesus taught and kept the sabbath day with his 12 disciples. There is no where in the Old or New Testaments that talks of a day change. Jesus said he did not come to change God’s laws, but to fulfill them. That is clearly explanatory. Jesus even said that in our days men will see fit to change God’s laws in order to fit their personal needs. This is the work of Satan. For God never changes whether its His character or the Laws He wrote with his very finger on stones. (Moses receiving Ten Commandments). (Mark 6:2)

Jesus teaches and warns his followers to beware of the evil of Satan especially his deceptions. They are like the passing wind. You feel it but cannot see it. Satan is always present trying to do the opposite of God and His desires for mankind. The Sabbath Day is a very important day as well as a very important law. Although, it will not save us for our salvation only comes from our acceptance of Jesus Christ, it still shows our obedience, our love, and our commitment to follow Jesus until death do us part. And at the end we shall be with Him and live eternally. (Luke 23:56; Matthew 5:17)

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-Written by Sister LeQuita C. Harrison

Pastor Tylvia E. Koromah
The Path of Righteousness Church in Christ

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