QA: Why do we suffer?

Why do we suffer? Does God help us in time of suffering?

We suffer because of the evil influences in the world. Sin changed the entire dynamics of what was created to be good and peaceful. Suffering is the result of sin. Suffering is divinely permitted so that we can experience the fullness of grace. Suffering is synonymous with sorrow, trouble, problems, trials, and temptation. Disasters, diseases, sicknesses, severe storms and wars are a few examples of sufferings that one may experience.  Yes, God helps us in time of suffering. He assures us that he will not allow more than we can bear and that he will always be with us. Sufferings serve a deeper purpose than the actual sorrow itself. It is through troubles that God is glorified and grace helps us to endure.   Immediately, we should turn to him for help. No one wants to suffer, but we are not alone. Jesus is with us all the time. Through all these sufferings, God still cares and his mercies endure forever. (I John 3:8; I Corinthians 10:13)

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