Perfect Gift

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Perfect Gift of Life
James 1:17, John 3:25-27                   

Pray on my Child
Romans 8:35, Luke 11:5-13

Keep our Eyes on the Lord 
Hebrews 12:1-3, John 12:31-32           

Thy God, My God
Ruth 1:7-18

God the Father of all Believers
Matthew 5:45, Matthew 6:6-13                            

Why Should I Wait?
Job 1:18-20, Mark 5:25-26

Prayer Works                  
Luke 18:1-8                                       

A Knock You Do Not Want to Ignore
Revelation 3:20-22

Prayer with ACTS (Adoration,
Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication)
Hebrews 4:16, Philippians 4:6

Power Belongeth to God                     
John 19:8-11, James 4:15                            

Don’t Look Back
Genesis 19:20-27, Luke 17:28-37

When you Can’t See Your Way
Exodus 6:1-5, Exodus 14


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