Give Thanks

I hope today you woke up this morning and said thank you to God.
There are many reasons why you should.
He took you through the day before
He even kept you throughout the night
He gave you new mercies this day
One of them is just the feeling
Of opening your eyes and getting up from your bed.
God is worthy to be praised.
So do not be afraid to say thank you.
God loves everyone.
He says that all are his children
Take the opportunity to close your eyes
And inhale and exhale
That is God right there.
As you go through this day
Remember he is there with you
Protecting you, answering you
Caring for you
So do not give up on him
Because you may go all your life
thinking you are all alone
But guess what,
He has never stopped giving up on you.
He is knocking at your door this very instant
Will you open it? Will you let him in?
Into your heart? Into your life?
It is not so difficult to accept him.
For his arms are always open wide for you
So give thanks
Be proud and feel joyous to be able to have
this opportunity to say thank you.
As they say tomorrow is never promised.
Why shouldn’t you,
Give thanks?

-by LeQuita C. Harrison

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